Sears Management

This section outlines the steps to list successfully ON Sears (Sears CPC is a diffenrent section). By following a 5 step process, you shall be able to list products on Sears quickly and easily. 

There is no mapping process with Sears so every listing can be listed regardless if it exists on Sears or if you have UPC codes. 

View the Sears Dashboard to see information about your Sears Product Uploads.

The most important part of successfully listing on Sears is making sure you have done the Sears Category Mapping.  While the products may get loaded if you have done the general Category Mapping, the product placement may not be ideal.  Also, Sears routinely discontinues categories and you may find the categories being listed in a category that says "Do Not Use".  To learn how to Map Categories for Sears, view Sears Category Mapping.

The Steps to List Are...

Check the Sears Inventory Status Screen to get a list of all products currently on Sears.