Configure Sears Feed

Begin by entering your username and password into the required fields.

Enter in your Seller API Key.  The Seller API Key can be found in your Sears Seller Admin, by clicking on Your account name on the top right, and click on Account Settings.  At the bottom look for API Authorization Key, and click on Generate New Key,  Copy this key to the API Key Box.

Enter in your Seller ID,  This is found in your Seller Admin, just by clicking on your account name on the top right.

Enter in your location ID. This is your fulfillment location. You can find this number in Account Settings -> Fulfillment Locations within the Sears back end.

Note that Category Mapping for your products is REQUIRED to use the Sears Marketplace Plug-In. Products that are in a category that is not mapped will not be uploaded to Sears.

You can use various filters for your products for the upload similar to how you would for the comparison shopping engines such as removing products based on words, phrases, profit, margin, weight, etc... and can apply a price markup percentage. You can also set price ranges, add or remove categories and manufacturers.

The feed upload will follow these filters and can be set to remove products on Sears that do not fit within these filters.