Jet Management

This section outlines the steps to list successfully ON Jet. By following a 5 step process, you shall be able to list products on Jet.  Please note that Jet REQUIRES the following.

1) UPC codes.  Your products MUST have UPC codes.  If they do not have UPC codes, then you must have Brand and Part Number, and contact Jet so that they can create these listings manually on their site.  This process can take weeks or even months to complete.

2) ASINS (If No UPC codes).  If your products do not have UPC codes, you can list with ASIN's if you are using our Amazom Management services as well. will still need to create the product pages, but the process would be much faster.

3) requires images to be at least 1500px by 1500px.  This is a very high resolution image and while they will allow images with lower resolutions, they have declined listings for this reason.

Please View Our Jet API Integration Setup, to get approval for listing on Jet. 

You can also watch the setup video here.

View the Jet Dashboard to see information about your Jet Product Uploads.

One of the primary listing requirements for listing on Jet is making sure you have done the Jet Category Mapping.  Products that are in a category that is not mapped in this section will not be set to upload.  

The Steps to List Are...

Configure Jet Feed
Jet Marketplace Rules
Jet Inventory Import
Jet Category Mapping
Build Jet Feed
Check Jet Uploads
Check the Jet Inventory Status Screen to get a list of all products currently on Jet.

Finally, the Jet Order Manager allows you to manage your orders, such as printing an invoice, enter tracking that will be updated to Jet, issue a return or cancel orders as necessary.