Jet Marketplace Rules

General Rules

Rule 1) When updating inventory only, sync inventory from the product import.

This rule allows you to only sync products that are within the upload that were mapped. If you select "on all products", the application will do a check from your Jet inventory vs your product import. Products that were in your Jet inventory and not in your product import will be zeroed out on Jet. This should be selected when your product listing in your inventory import should be exactly the same as it is on Jet. Select "only products mapped" to only include product inventory values on products that are on Jet, and in the product import, but will not zero out products that are not in the product import. When you choose "on all products", you have the option to delete products completely off Jet that are no longer in the product import, otherwise, the inventories of these products will be zeroed out.

Rule 2) Disabling a sku from the Jet Inventory Status Screeen on Jet.

The Jet Inventory Status Screen allows you to view all the active products on Jet and remove any products that you do not want onto Sears. This option allows you to select if you want those products to be deleted permanently from Jet or just zero out the inventory.

Rule 3) Zero out / Delete products on Jet that do not fall within the filters selected in Step 1: Configure Active Feeds.

This option will allow you to adjust the product update feed and you can choose to permanently remove products or just zero out products based on the filters that you set in Step 1.

Ruke 4) Automate Jet Batch Checking

Set this value to Yes to automate Step 5, Check Jet Uploads