Configure Active Feeds

Choose a feed from the left to configure.  The following applies to the majority of feeds.  Feeds such as Rakuten, ShareASale, Nextag, have further options.

Account Settings

Upload Settings: In general, you will have two choices, either your feed will be taken from the SmartFeed server, or SmartFeed can send the feed to an ftp server specified by that feed.  Consult the corresponding comparison shopping engine for setting up an ftp account. You may need to rename a file as necessary. 

Feed Options

Compatibility With: (Google Shopping Only) Select the field from your database that applies to the products compatibility (eg: ink compatibility with printers)

Promotion:  (On Some Feeds) Select a promotion that applies as necessary

Google Analytics Options: You can select to use Google Analytics tracking on the urls, where you can enter in the keyword phrase, campaign source for tracking campaings within Google Analytics.  These fields can be customized as well.

Extra Parameters: Enter in parameters for outside tracking programs, such as id=50.  If you have more than one, enter in id=50&ref=shopzilla (as an example)

Google Merchant Promotions: (Google Shopping Only) See Google Promotions

Google Product Listing Ads Options (Google Shopping Only) See Google PLA Options

Price Markup: You can apply a price markup that will apply to all products in general.  It is not recommended to use this on CSE feeds as it would cause your pricing in the file to be higher than your products pricing.

Bidding Options: See Bidding Options

Promo Text: You can enter in a promotional text and apply it to all products, or enter in a promotional text and just apply it to specific categories or manufacturers

Product Removal Filters

Remove Products with words / phrases contained in title: You can enter in any words or phrases in the box separated by a comma to remove products that match.  This is case sensitive.

Remove Products with words / phrases contained in description: You can enter in any words or phrases in the box separated by a comma to remove products that match.  This is case sensitive.

SKU Prefix Removal: You can remove or only include based on skus that start with specific characters.  This is useful if certain products should not be included if they begin with a prefix you specify.

Profit / Margin / Weight Removal: You can remove products that have too low a margin, to heavy or light, or with too low a profit.  This depends if you have cost specified in your feed for this to work correctly.

Price. Categories or Manufacturers

Price Range: Enter a price range.  When using this you must enter in both higher and lower values.  Default low value is 1.  High is unlimited.

Select Categories / Manufacturers to Remove: Select or search for the categories to remove.  Removals are case specific.  The list is generated from the feed based on the products that are assigned.  Sometimes a product can be assigned to more than one category in your store.   Only one of those categories will be assigned to a product.