Configure Jet Feed

When you begin, click to Upload your feed to the Jet Marketplace Server.  If you are a new merchant, you will be given Test API User Id, and Secret Key that you will need to enter in first.  You will need to upload a test feed, as well as process a test order, cancel an order, fulfill an order and return an order through their interface, in order to be approved to list products on the live site.  You can then enter in the Live User ID and Secret Key that you will be issued.  You can retrieve these keys in the Jet Partner Interface by clicking on API -> Get API Keys.  Note the difference between the Test API and the Live API as they have different keys.  Also, you will need to enter in the fullfillment node id.  That is found under Fulfillment.

Note that Category Mapping for your products is REQUIRED to use the Jet Marketplace Plug-In. Products that are in a category that is not mapped will not be uploaded to Jet.

You can use various filters for your products for the upload similar to how you would for the comparison shopping engines such as removing products based on words, phrases, profit, margin, weight, etc... and can apply a price markup percentage. You can also set price ranges, add or remove categories and manufacturers.

The feed upload will follow these filters and can be set to remove products on Jet that do not fit within these filters.  

Note: UPC's are highly recommended for successful listings on Jet.  We also recommend ASINs that you may have when listing on Amazon with us.  If you have the Amazon Management Plugin and are actively using it, the ASINs will automatically be assigned to your Jet listings.