Removing a Sku From a Feed

Removing a SKU from the current feed shown

Choose the product(s) you want to remove by clicking the checkbox next to them.  Finally, click "remove checked items from feed".  You can see a list of all the removed items by clicking on "Disabled" Note: These items will not officially be removed from your feed until after you have sent your feed to the corresponding shopping engine.  

Removing a SKU or multiple SKUS from multiple feeds

You can remove a sku from All Feeds by going to Manage clicks -> View All Store Products.  Search for a SKU to remove, then check it off to remove from various feeds or all feeds.

Quick Remove or Add

You can remove or add back to feeds in bulk.  To do this, click on the link "Quick Remove or Add".  From here you can remove or add to specific feeds based upon what a Sku, Name, Category or Brand begins with, ends with, or contains.  However, for Category or Brand removal, it is best to use those filters within Options -> Configure Active Feeds, as that will permanently remove all current and future skus that apply to that Category or Brand.