Check Amazon Uploads

With the Check Amazon Uploads screen, you can view the status of any Batch that has been uploaded. Simply click on the batch number or batch id to view status. Batch results will not be viewable until all parts of the batch were processed. Errors, if any, will be displayed and Final Results will display the success or fail of a batch. A batch can not be verified more than one time. To update the Status for a product from "Processing Upload" to "On Amazon", the batch MUST be verified first. You can select to view only unverified batches to check in the dropdown. Clicking the Reset link next to any batch will queue the products from that batch to be uploaded again to Amazon. Only do this if your settings were incorrect and the batch never got uploaded to Amazon. Sending many batches consecutively to the queue may detain the Amazon Queue from processing in a timely manner.

Amazon listings are self correcting.  This means if you see an error of an item similar to "____ is similar to ASIN B00_____ but some of the infomation differs"... such as the Brand name, or the part number... the upload will adjust these values to match the values on Amazon, and set the product to reupload.  Therefore sometimes a product will fail loading to Amazon at first, and then correct itself.

Finally, Checking Amazon Uploads can be automated within the Amazon Rules section.