Build Amazon Feed

Building an Amazon Feed for Seller Central for uploading new products is in 4 to 5 separate uploads. These uploads are product info, pricing, inventory information, image information and (when enabled), shipping settings (if enabled in Step 1). If only product pricing is changing, only a pricing file will be created. Each file uploaded will generate a status report, that can only be viewed when the entire upload batch has been processed by Amazon.

To upload products that you have previously mapped from Step 4, click on the Green button, "Run New Feed with Products to Add ". This will only upload products that you have mapped and not previously uploaded. There are some links that appear above the run button. These links will update the pricing and inventory respectively on ALL your products that have been noted as being ON AMAZON. These are products that you either synced in step 3 as being on Amazon, or products that you had previously mapped and uploaded.  Make sure you verify all uploads in Step 6 (which can be automated in the Amazon Rules section.

Uploads are processed in a queue from Amazon, and will be processed sequentially. Typically pricing and inventory updates will take only a few minutes to update on Amazon. Shipping updates take approximately 4 to 6 hours to update on Amazon. Product uploads on Amazon vary between a few minutes to update to several hours, depending on the size of the batch. Even if the batch has finished updating on Amazon, it may still be a considerable amount of time before those changes take effect on Amazon. Batches will only be created if the program was configured to upload to Amazon Automatically. As the program creates xml files for upload through Amazon's Web Services interface, these files CAN NOT be uploaded manually through SellerCentral. You can click on the button to download the last feed written, however this is an xml file that can not be manually uploaded.  When necessary, the inventory, pricing and shipping files to sync products already on Amazon can be run anytime in this section. Note that when running the pricing updater and pricing against competition on Amazon, batches are grouped in sizes of no larger than 500 products. For example, if you had 2000 products, the pricing file would need to be ran 4 times to check and update all 2000 products. If this is set on the scheduler to run everyday, it would take 4 days to update all products.

In the scheduler, you may notice 2-4 Amazon tasks that can be scheduled. The first is "Amazon Inventory", which is the only task can be scheduled with a frequency of "Every Hour". This will sync your inventory from your store import to the products listed on Amazon as specified in Amazon Rules. When this is activated, this will also force the task "Import Your Store Daily" to run every hour as well. (Will still show a frequency as everyday). The second may be "Amazon Pricing" (if you have enabled pricing rules). This will update your store pricing to the rules specified. There may be a third Amazon task called "Amazon Shipping", which will automatically update your shipping amounts if "Shipping Overrides from Import" is enabled in Step 1. This override should ONLY be ran if you have SPECIFIC shipping values in your feed, not based on a weight or price scale. Finally, the last Amazon task shown is "Amazon Sellercentral". This task if checked off, will automatically run the latest mapped products from step 4. This is in the event that you map products on step 4, but do not want to upload the feed manually on step 5.