Zoey Setup

First, to Sign Up for A New SmartFeed Account, click here

Within your Zoey Admin Interface...click on Advanced, Click on API Configuration.

Under Rest API,
1)  on Rest API section – (click on More Rest API Options), and for OAUTH Consumers, click Manage. Click on Add New. Enter in the Name “SmartFeed” and note the api key and secret.  I will need that info.
2)  on Rest Roles, click on Add Admin Role (If admin doesn’t already exist).  For Role API Resources, select “All”.  Under Role Users, check off smartfeed.  Click Save Role.
3)  on Rest Attributes, click Manage.  Click on Admin. Make the Resource access select “All”.  Click on Save.

Under 3rd Party Login
1)  Under Users, click Manage, Click on Add New User.  Enter in a Username of SmartFeed… and you can use my name and email
2)  Then go to Roles, click Manage.  Create a Role called Administrators.  Click on Role Resources, and select “All”, Under Role Users, check off the user you just created, and click Save Role.


Within SmartFeed Product Feed Manager

Go to Settings -> Edit Zoey Import Settings.  Enter in your home page URL and images directory. When done, click on Submit Changes.  Verify all settings with your account manager.