Walmart Order Manager

The Walmart Order Manager allows you to download new orders from Walmart , Print Invoices, ship items, cancel orders, and process returns.

The primary page allows you to view all incoming Walmart Orders.  To Download New Orders, click on "Download New Orders".  This process is ran automatically every 15 minutes by default.  This process also checks for orders that have a return request, have been canceled, or shipped but not yet updated, and flags shipped orders if there are any that are found.

The Show Dropdown on the left side shows actionable orders by default (either new orders, or orders needing to be shipped or awaiting return).  You can choose to search for an order by any piece of information, or you can choose to show certain types orf orders (new orders, orders to be shipped, etc...)

Quick Action

You can do several takes from the Quick Action box on the main page.  You can cancel an order or ship an order.  

Viewing / Printing Orders

You can view any order by clicking on any part of the order (such as the order id.)  You can also search for an order in the search box. on the right side of the page.  To print the orders invoice, just click print on the bottom of the invoice displayed.  Currently there is no option to print shipping labels.

Adding Notes to Orders

You can add a note at the bottom of any order on the View Order Details page.  There is no limit to the amount of notes you can log.  It will log the date a note was entered.  You can not delete notes.

Acknowledging Orders

Orders are automatically acknoweledged when they are imported.  Orders get automatically imported into the order manager approximately every 15 minutes.

Shipping Orders

To ship an order, click on the ship button.  A popup will appear allowing you to enter in the tracking number.  When you click update, it will send the tracking number to Walmart and the order will be shown as being shipped.

Cancelling Orders

To cancel an order, click on the cancel orders button.  A popup will appear that allows you to select the reason such as inaccurate inventory quantity, and then click update.  This will notify the customer that the order was canceled.  As on Amazon, you need to keep your order cancellation rate at a minimum to avoid suspension.

Returning Orders

When a customer returns an order, they can request to do so within their interface.  The customer will return the item back to you.  You can click to create a return authorizaion within the order manager for a product that was or is being return.  Once you recieve the item back, or just want to credit the customer, you can thnn click the return button, at which a popup will appear allowing you to credit the customer, or turn down the credit while selecting a reason for the refund denial.