Shopsite Setup

First, enter the URL of the output directory (your stores URL), followed by a /. Also, you will need to enter in the media directory of your images, which is usually your domain name URL followed by /media/. Next, enter in your login store URL. This will be the URL for which you go to enter the shopsite backend. You will need to enter your stores username and password to pull product detail.

In order to pull the product detail, you will need to setup a field map in your store by going to Utilities -> Database -> Download. Click products and click download. Select "XML text file format" (select latest version), and go to "Use Field Map" and click Change. The field map must include all fields except for "Quantity Pricing", "QBImport" "Option Text", "Option Menu Text" and "ProductOnPages" . You will need to create a second field map named "smartfeed" for pages by going to Utilities->Database->Download. Click pages and click download. Follow the same procedures but this time include all fields.

Click on the checkbox to use inventory tracking if you have predefined inventory quantities. If this is not checked, all products are assumed to be in stock.

Finally, you can choose user defined fields for your product import that may contain UPC, ISBN, Mpn or category information.