File Import Setup

The File Import option is for those users who are using a shopping cart other than what is supported currently. To begin, enter in the URL of the file that has your stores product data. This file can be on any server, however the file must be in a public folder. Select the appropriate file delimiter (xml, Pipe or Tab). You can select the xml option if you have a csv file, though due to csv being an unrelable delimiter, we can not guarantee optimal performance. Click on the button "Read Columns"

If the file was chosen with the correct format, a series of fields will display for which you can map your file to. If you selected xml, you may have the option to use a custom formatted string to parse the file. Sometimes, this may be necessary to drop the last field from the autodetected format string if no fields are showing up or not showing up correctly.

The required fields to map are Description, Name, SKU, Quantity, Price, Category, Manufacturer, Image Url and Product Url.  If quantity is not mapped, all products will be assumed to be "In Stock" with a quantity of 9999.  Feeds will not build unless you map SKU, Product Price, Image Url and Product Url.  If Manufacturer is not mapped, some feeds will fail because this is a required field for most feeds.  If category is not mapped, you will not be able to do Category Mapping.

Highly recommended are UPC, Weight, Retail Price, Mpn.

After you have completed mapping your columns to the appropriate fields, click on "Submit Changes". Next, at the top make sure that store enabled is set to "yes", if not click where it says "Click to Enable".