Configure Walmart Feed

Account Settings

Begin by entering your account settings on the Account Settings Tab.  Click on the Radio button that says "Upload Feed to Walmart Marketplace Server", enter your username and password for Walmart.  You will need to enter in your Consumer Id and Seller Private Key and Correlation id.  This is found in the Walmart Marketplace when you login, click on the top right icon for your account settings, and go to API -> Consumer IDs and Privake Keys.  Keep in mind you can only view the Private Key one time, and if you reset it, the upload will no longer work. 

Feed Options

Here you can select to use Pricing Rules that are simple using a flat percentage, or use advanced pricing rules.  Learn more about advanced pricing rules here.

You can also select to use Distributor Management as your product source.  You may set this to yes if you are using Distributor Management, and do not want your primary product import to be used for your data source.

Product Removal Filters

As with other feeds, you can set various filters here.  You can remove products from being uploaded that have certain words in the title or description, as well as prefix removal, profit margin or weight.

Price, Categories and Manufacturers

Here you can filter out products based on price, category or manufacturer.  The left side are active categories and manufacturers while the right side is all removed.  The default setting is everything is active.  Any filters set will prevent any products from being listed that match those filters, and will also zero out any products that match those filters that were previously listed.