Category Mapping

Mapping your stores products is an extremely important task. This will ensure that your products are being placed in the appropriate categories on the shopping portals. Without this, many times products get placed in miscellaneous categories and to not receive proper visibility. Also, if your products are improperly placed, you can get incorrect ppc charges. In addition, custom reporting will not be available to you, as click cost is based upon category mapping.

To map a category, simply select the parent category, sub category and specific category and click the set button. There are 10 categories per page, with the page numbers listed on the bottom. If most of your categories are or should be grouped under the same parent category (eg: Home and Garden), select it from the Default Parent Category List. This will save you some time in selecting it for each category.

To simplify category mapping, you can choose to select the number of subcategory levels to display. (All, 1, 2, 3, 4). All (Default), will display complete category listings. A selection of 2, will display only the main and subcategory levels. For example, if your store has a category hiarchy of Accessories -> Batteries -> AA and Accessories -> Batteries -> D, mapping to Accessories -> Batteries will map the same category to all sub categories below this level.

You can map all categories to a specific category, if all the categories in your store are similar. If you are unsure of a proper category to map to, there is a search box on the top left to type in keywords. This will return sample categories that may be appropriate.

You can also Override each category by using the Manual Category Mapping