Build Walmart Feed

This step is broken down into several uploads. Clicking on the "Run new Feed with Products to Add"  button will build the feed for all your products not on Walmart yet, based on the filters you set in Step 1.

Clicking on the link to re-upload the full active product listing will upload all the products that you already have on Walmart, and may delete or put products out of stock based on the filters you chose and rules you set in steps 1 and 2. This will not add new products to Walmart.

Clicking to run the inventory update will update quantities for active products on Walmart.

Clicking to run the pricing update will update pricing for your active products.

These feeds can be automated to run through the scheduler. Generally, the full active product listing does not need to be run daily unless you would rather delete products no longer in your feed from Walmart rather than zero the inventory for those products.

You can download the last feed written in xml.

Note: Walmart has an API limit of 10 feeds an hour with a maximum product could of 10000 products in an inventory or pricing feed.  We currently set this limit at 9000 as 10,000 generally results in an error.  Product feeds have a maximum count of 5000 skus per new feed.  If you have more than 5000 skus, your upload will be done in a series of feed uploads.