Amazon Inventory Status

The Amazon Inventory Status screen displays your current inventory either Mapped, Processing, on Amazon already, or queued for deletion. A dropdown on the top right allows you to select which of these you want to view. If you need to remove a product from Amazon, you can search for the sku to remove and put a checkbox next to it, and click "Add or Remove Checked Items From Inventory". Note that for Amazon Marketplace users, this will remove the product completely from your store, while for SellerCentral users, this will zero out the inventory on Amazon. Prroducts with zero inventory will not show on an Amazon SellerCentral Inventory Report. While zeroing out a products inventory will essentially remove the product from Amazon for purchase, permanently deleting a product completely can only be done within the SellerCentral control panel.

When updating pricing on Amazon, this screen will show your last price change, and the last date it was change, and note an increase or decrease. You can compare your pricing on Amazon against your webstore or competition on Amazon by clicking the link at the top.