3dCart Product Import Setup

To configure your store for 3D Cart, enter in your home page URL and store URL. The store URL is generally something like "domain.3dcartstores.com" where domain is your domain name. You will also need to enter in your API key. Your API key can be obtained from your 3dcart admin backend by logging in, and clicking on Settings -> General -> API Settings. Make sure the API is enabled.

This feed pulls in two ways. It queries your store looking for your public sitemap file. Your store automatically builds this file every 15 days. Using the sitemap file, it queries against your store to find the products that were in your sitemap file and pulls all pertinent data. You can manually update your stores sitemap file, you will need to delete the cache file that keeps the sitemap unchanged between the times that it was last generated. Once this is done you can browse to the sitemap file, this will force the sitemap to re-index your site and regenerate with all the new information you have added since it was last generated by 3D Cart.