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Product Feed Manager has a built in script to automatically import an entire yahoo store. The reason that this is possible is because yahoo stores automatically publish an external XML file (providing you have activated it within your store). This XML file contains your product names, descriptions, pricing and options. SmartFeed decodes the XML and creates a record for each product to easily submit to all the available shopping feeds. We can import directly from either xml file generated from Yahoo Merchant Solutions, either catalog.xml or objinfo.xml. We can also merge these files with an inventory file, so we can keep accurate inventory quantities on your products.

Product Feed Manager (for an additional fee) is capable of detecting options within a product, and create child products automatically from the parent products. We can take your parent listing and split it into multiple listings with the correct pricing, titles, Upc codes and other important information. This multiplies your one listing by the number of options for that listing you have, which will greatly increase your traffic, and show the correct pricing for your listings. This feature lends itself well to other platforms that do not accept a dropdown on an item but require that you list each item as a separate item. This is recommended for sites like Google Shopping and Amazon.

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