iconManage your Walmart Orders

All of your Walmart.com orders automatically get downloaded from Walmart.com whenever an order gets placed. You can then approve an order to ship or cancel an order, print an invoice, enter in order notes, and enter tracking information that will automatically get updated to Walmart.com. The Walmart Order Manager is included with the Walmart.com Management Plug-in. Every aspect of product and order management for Walmart.com is in one place. Our Order Manager sends out order notifications and order cancellations to you. If you have a Shopify website, you can also automatically import orders into your website, and fulfill them on Shopify, and they will automatically get transmitted to Walmart.


iconView Order Details, Ship or Return

You can view order details, print an invoice, ship an order, create a return authorization, and accept or process a return, all from the Order Management Interface.

Our Order Manager also does a series of checks on an order, from checking if the order is being shipped from your website and automatically updating Walmart if the order was shipped, and checking for canceled orders from Walmart if they or the customer decides to cancel an order, you will be notified.


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