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From $119.95 a month ($50 more a month on Gold or Silver account level, Included with Platinum)

Our Walmart Management plug-in for Product Feed Manager provides an end to end solution for Walmart Marketplace by allowing you to set rules and filters on your product listings to determine the products that get listed on Walmart and allows you to list your stores products quickly and easily, automatically syncing pricing and inventory changes from your website. You can also set various pricing rules and inventory minimums to meet your selling requirements. When an order gets placed on Walmart, it can also update quantity on your website for that item. You can also manage your Walmart.com orders with our included Walmart Order Manager.

The Walmart.com upload uses the Walmart API to upload new products that would be then in queue for Walmart to add to their marketplace. While Walmart does accept manual file uploads, uploading manually would mean you would have to upload your products using separate template files. Our upload can be seamless from your website, and works well with product variations and multiple images. Note: Walmart does require UPC codes for your products, and will render your products inactive if your pricing is not competative.

Shopify merchants can automate orders from Walmart to their Shopify store for Processing. Orders can be shipped throug Shopify, and then updated back to Walmart.com automatically

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