iconSelling on Sears

Sears Management for Product Feed Manager uses a 5 step process to List on Sears. The Sears Dashboard allows you to view status of each feed as well as view orders, active products, and product loading history. The 5 steps to list are...

  • Configure Sears Feed
  • Set Sears Rules
  • Import Current Sears Inventory
  • Build Sears Feed
  • Check Upload

iconListing Products with Filters

Using various filters such as listing products by price, category, or manufacturer, you can set which products get uploaded to Sears on a daily basis. You can even change up your filters which will set inventory to zero on previously listed products that no longer fit into the set filters.

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iconSyncing Sears Inventory and Pricing

When you import your product data automatically, you will also be able to sync your inventory and pricing from your store to Sears automatically so when a product goes out of stock in your web store, you can not oversell on Sears. Similarly, when an item is added back in stock on your store, it will be added back in stock on Sears. Any pricing updates you make on your website will automatically get updated on Sears.

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