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SmartFeed respects the privacy of all of its clients and all information as it pertains to its clients and takes the issue of privacy seriously. As a corporate policy, SmartFeed will not disclose any information regarding our clients to any other third party without the client's express consent, including who is contained on the SmartFeed corporate client list.

SmartFeed understands that the internet, and information that flows across the internet, is often abused and used for purposes not intended by the sender. Therefore, SmartFeed has adopted an internal "when in doubt do not send" policy on information regarding our clients and even SmartFeed. Furthermore, SmartFeed will never sell any personally-identifiable information obtained from a client to any third party.

SmartFeed will always err on the side of caution in disseminating any information in regard to its clients and apologizes in advance for any misconceptions about our disclosure policy in the event that SmartFeed does not come forth with information which a third party may deem relevant to their individual relationship with SmartFeed.

The uniform resource locators (URLs) covered under SmartFeed's privacy policy include: www.productfeedmanager.com and all subsequent links associated with the prefix URL of www.productfeedmanager.com.

Information Acquisition
Upon placing an order with SmartFeed, the client will sign our Privacy Policy statement. Once we have established this working relationship, SmartFeed will gather necessary information about the client's business. This information and any that follows is used only for the intention of providing the services outlined on our website to our client and in helping SmartFeed better assist that client in managing and building a successful online business.

1. Web site Visitors:
No information is used by SmartFeed on any company or person visiting our corporate website without that company or person opting in to subscribe, purchase, or be part of a special promotion or product offering from SmartFeed.

2. Newsletter Subscribers (non-clients):
SmartFeed does not use any information about a newsletter subscriber other than to send that subscriber, directly from SmartFeed, newsletters and updated information in regard to products, services, and business opportunities that SmartFeed finds useful to our newsletter subscribers.

3. Personal Client Information:
SmartFeed sells software products online. At the time of purchase, we require personal, business, and financial information, such as name, e-mail address, shipping/billing address, telephone number, and a credit card number. This information is necessary to process the order and to send the product to our client. Periodically, clients are asked to update this information for security and accuracy. This information is transmitted in 128 bit encryption and we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect your online order.

Only our order processing/customer IT professional staff has access to a client's information. We do not store or access credit card information from our Web server after your order is processed. SmartFeed requires the client to control the storage of their general contact and billing information via a secure, password protected environment. To correct, update, or delete client contact information that we have on file, clients send an e-mail to support@productfeedmanager.com or have the option of editing their personal account directly by visiting http://www.productfeedmanager.com/merchant-login.php and typing in a unique client pass code. A return e-mail will be sent to the client to verify that we have processed any updates. SmartFeed is also available to clients by telephone to facilitate any changes to client data and information.

4. Other Client Information (Product, IT information and third party vendor information):
SmartFeed sells software products online and works directly with the client to ensure that product catalog information is accurate. Even though, SmartFeed's business model is about empowering each client by providing the necessary tools to manage their online business themselves, sometimes it is necessary for SmartFeed to access client information to provide the best service. Because of this SmartFeed is prepared to speak with third party vendors, only after obtaining a client's permission, and share information only with a client's permission in a manner consistent with a client's request and need. In addition, SmartFeed, as part of it best business practices, mirrors client product catalog information on its secure servers to: 1. better manage clients' request, 2. provide real time back up of information to prevent loss of information and 3. At the time of purchase, the client is given a personal security pass code which is unique to them to access information. This pass code is used any time a client decides to login to the account.

At no time will SmartFeed access a client's product information without first obtaining their authorization. The only reason SmartFeed would access this information would be to trouble shoot any issues that may arise when working with SmartFeed's products or at the client's request to help with other circumstances that may arise. At that time, the client would either be involved in the process or have given SmartFeed's IT representative permission to solve the problem for the client via an e-mail from the appropriate client representative. SmartFeed's business model is to offer superior software tools to empower the client to manage their online e-retail business and, therefore, only seeks to work with the client and use any and all client information to achieve this goal.

5. White Papers:
When a visitor or client downloads a white paper from the SmartFeed Web site, SmartFeed collects personal and business information, such as e-mail address, mailing address and telephone number. This information is not shared with any third party and is only used by SmartFeed to send that specific individual or company relevant updates, SmartFeed newsletters, and updated information in regard to products, services, and business opportunities that SmartFeed believes that an individual or company may find useful.

Strategic Partnerships and Business Relationships
SmartFeed's privacy policy only covers our previously specified URLs and does not extend to any third party vendor or business. SmartFeed works with several third party businesses to offer the most robust and best product offerings and research for e-retail businesses. To achieve this goal, SmartFeed links to other Web sites and communicates on a daily basis with many of these businesses. SmartFeed is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those sites. If a visitor or client of SmartFeed clicks on the banner or advertising link from SmartFeed to a third party vendor, SmartFeed is not responsible and has no control over any data collected on you from that point forward. If any person or company is concerned about the possible use of your e-mail address, or other information that may be collected upon visiting a third party site, or has any other questions,they should contact that specific company and refer to their individual Privacy Policies.

As many businesses do, SmartFeed uses "cookies" to enable us to provide our clients with optimal service. A cookie is a data identifier that is stored on your computer to make it easier and quicker for your computer browser to identify and upload SmartFeed web pages when you revisit our site. These cookies do not contain any personal information on the client or visitor.

If you do not want cookies sent to your computer, you can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie. Then you decide whether or not to accept it. You may also periodically clean up any cookies on your computer from your disk clean up tool under your system administrator area of your desktop. It is recommended that you periodically do this to enhance the functionality of your computer.

Opt-In and Opt-Out Features
SmartFeed is here because you are online. We endeavor to provide the most up to date information and product offering in the industry for e-retailers. In order to inform our clients and others about SmartFeed, newsletters, and updated information in regard to products, services, and business opportunities that SmartFeed finds useful to our clients, we often send e-mails and other information and promotional offers via the Internet. We hope that these updates and information are useful. If, however, at any time a client or third party decides that they would rather not receive this information, SmartFeed provides the option at the bottom of every communication to opt-in or opt-out of receiving further communications. If you would like to update or delete any of your contact information, please send an e-mail to support@productfeedmanager.com.

In the event SmartFeed makes changes to its privacy policy, all changes will be noted on the SmartFeed website. We thank you for working with us to protect the integrity of our relationships with each and every client, vendor and other third party. We are here because you are online and want to ensure that you know the information you submit under our Privacy policy is intended to be used by SmartFeed only to establish the best working relationship with our clients and to help us help you grow your business in a professional manner.

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