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SmartFeed is always looking to partner with all SEO companies or any internet consultants that are looking to earn commissions through the sale of SmartFeed. We offer competitive partnerships for all (naturally, no cost to you). To explore becoming a strategic partner, email us at: partners@productfeedmanager.com

Below we have outlined our basic partner payment plan for general internet consultants. Please note that if you are a shopping engine looking to partner with us, we can offer a custom partnership with you. Please contact us for more information.

The Basic Reseller Program is for consultants that wish to introduce the SmartFeed solution to their clients. Those on the Reseller Program will sign up a client and receive a commission based on SmartFeed's current reseller commission structure.

SmartFeed resellers sign up by completing an application located here. The approval process is completed within 5 business days. Upon approval, the reseller will be notified via e-mail.

SmartFeed will place resellers with their link with logo on the main website www.productfeedmanager.com, as an authorized partner.

Resellers will receive a one time $25.00 commission per processed and approved sale

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