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SmartFeed Product Feed Manager can connect to your Magento store through our Magento Export Application. This application is available for download as a SmartFeed customer and easily installs in the root directory of your Magento website.

There are a few customizable options below where a user can enter in their home page url, image path and whether or not they track inventory values within their store. You can also choose to import child skus along with your primary listings. These would be the option listings that you may already have on your website.

Magento has multiple category options, as such, a product can be assigned to multiple secondary categories that we use for Brand information. You can specify the order number of your Categories Brand information when your store is used in this manner. Note that certain custom values from your store that you may have created such as UPC, MPN, or Manufacturer, or other non standard fields in Magento, may need to be added to your import and may incur a custom import charge of $100 do do so as necessary.

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