icon Distributor Management Plug-in for PFM

From $129.95 a month

The distributor import for product feed manager can be configured to automatically sync inventory and pricing changes from any number of distributors to your website. Rules can be customized for each distributor based upon a clients needs. Unlike most other services that require you to use their list of suppliers, we can accept data from VIRTUALLY ANY DISTRIBUTOR OR SUPPLIER OR MANUFACTURER. Advanced features include...

  • Price Increasing Formulas from Distributor Cost
  • Minimum Inventory Adjustments
  • Data Combining from multiple files
  • Syncing pricing and inventory with BigCommerce, Shopify, 3DCart or Volusion Stores
  • Individual Product Overriding
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There is $100 setup fee per distributor and the gold package is required. There is no limit on the number of distributors as long as the total product count does not exceed 100,000 products. To sign up for Distributor Management, simply click here and fill out the form and select distributor import.

Using our import, we can also list new products on your website for you, ensuring the product data quality is accurate as well as import category structure and load product images. Learn More »

Below represent some of the distributors we have previously worked with.

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