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August 21 2020
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Case Study 1:   

Problem: AutoBarn, among one of Yahoo Merchants largest stores, needed a way to easily control their data feeds to the shopping engines. As traffic increased, so did the cost of the traffic. Similarly the way a Google Adwords campaign could be optomized, they felt that they should also perhaps do the same with their feeds being sent to and among others. A call from a representative suggested that they should seek counsil in this matter, as a number of high profile products were indeed inflating the monthly costs. See the Official Story Here from Internet Retailer

Solution: Using the Yahoo Store Platform, AutoBarn turned to SmartFeed for assistance. SmartFeed was able to eliminate the already identified products in question automatically, and AutoBarn was able to further monitor the inbound traffic from their shopping portals, thereby eliminating the other high click count items from each shopping portal. AutoBarn was also presented with daily analytics and a breakdown of each inbound shopping portal. AutoBarn was also pleased with the speed of reporting, as a report listing the inbound traffic of each portal contained over 10,000 clicks, yet took just a few seconds to load.

About: brings its tremendous inventory to customers across the United States, Canada, and beyond. Their 50,000 square foot warehouse stocks over 35,000 name-brand parts and accessories making them one of New York's largest auto parts & accessories retailers and wholesalers. With 20 brick and mortar stores and a web site that reaches more than 331,000 unique monthly visitors (From, superior customer service has been their number one priority with our on-line shoppers. Toll-free phone lines, knowledgeable sales associates handling incoming calls, 24 hour turnaround plus an unmatched selection of parts & accessories have set them apart from the rest of the on-line auto parts & accessories retailers. Visit

About SmartFeed

SmartFeedTM Product Feed Manager is a on-line marketing on-demand solution specializing in the efficiency of transmitting product feeds to many shopping comparison engines and Marketplaces such as, Ebay, Sears, and more...

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